In the lead up to your wedding day we have come up with a list of tips to arrive walking down the aisle feeling your utmost best.

1.  Mind of Matter - why not join your local yoga school in the month leading up to your big day.  Not only will it calm your mind & help you get aligned, yoga will also tone your body and have everything in top condition before your honeymoon.

2.  Essential Oils & Nutrition - we believe in surrounding yourself with the elements in life that can benefit your body and the environment around you.  Jump on board with a nutritionalist, grab a diffuser and start using natures flowers and essences to help you stay calm and on track.

3. The ultimate body - facials, spray tans, lashes & just general all over beauty regime can be set out 6 months before your big day.  Why not set up a plan for you and your bridesmaids to bond over.  We have a number of suggestions for suppliers all around Sydney.  Get in touch as we'll love to help out.

Above are just a few tips we have on offer for you when it comes to your big day.  We will post one soon for the groom-to-be!

The team at ALC.